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As a startup, we're not going to be the best at doing bookkeeping. So, having somebody who is the best at that means that we don't need to bring those skills in-house.

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Simplesense integrates data and technologies to help operators and responders get the information they need to react faster.

Stay laser-focused on your burn and runway

We know from working with dozens of SaaS startups that the two most important metrics to track are burn rate and runway. Our technology-enabled bookkeeping solution keeps you focused on those two key metrics so you don't run out of cash before you hit breakeven (or raise that next round of funding). We'll help you understand:

  • Customer Churn
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Marketing Spend
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Cash burn and scorecards

We untangle revenue recognition

One of the biggest challenges of SaaS accounting is revenue recognition. In other words, spreading out revenue properly across the period of a contract, which is often different from when payment is received. We'll take over your tedious rev rec spreadsheets (or create them) so you can focus on bringing in dollars, not accounting for them.

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We keep you income and sales tax compliant

Even if you're pre-revenue, you still need to file a tax return. Our in-house experts can take care of that, or we can work with your tax preparer to get them what they need. We also help keep you compliant with sales tax. You might think that SaaS doesn't have worry about sales tax, but think again. Many states and local jurisdictions are beginning to tax software-as-a-service. We can help you figure out where and when to file.

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